It is no secret that the Maloofs, the family that owns the Sacramento Kings, have had difficulties of late, owning an NBA team. There were multiple reports of  the family looking to sell the team with rumors circulating that it could be to a group wanting to re-locate the team to Virginia Beach or an entirely different group hoping to move the team to Seattle.

The news channel Wavy 10 of Virginia Beach, reported yesterday that the Kings would not be bought and moved to Virginia Beach. However, things have been very quiet from Chris Hansen and his investment group from Seattle.

Earlier this morning Daina Falk, the daughter of NBA agent David Falk, tweeted (which has since been deleted) that the Maloofs had sold the team to the group from Seattle.

This would be big news for not only the NBA, but the cities of Sacramento and Seattle. While Daina is not exactly a news agency, the rumors have begun, and the savvy researchers are digging up information. One such tweeter, @AlexSSN, tweeted these two tweets in succession.


He makes some solid points but in other tweets reminds his followers that he is still talking about rumors nothing substantial yet. The one source in Seattle that has had the first scoop on most things with the new arena and investor Chris Hansen is Chris Daniels of the TV channel King 5. His reply to all the questions:



Today Chris Daniels and Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler had these tweets.




Seattle has land and permission to build a new arena and the next step is to maintain a team. Could it be the Kings? Maybe but for now there are only rumors. Tomorrow or in the next couple of days to weeks fans will have more information to stand on.

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