Hey, do you remember how U.S. President Barack Obama made a bet with Canadian Primer Minister Stephen Harper during the Sochi Olympics about which country would have the victorious hockey team? And do you remember how the U.S. lost — sorry to bring up the painful memories, y’all — and how Obama was thus supposed to provide Harper with some beer?

Yeah, it turns out Obama hasn’t exactly held up his end of the bargain.

However, you Canadians shouldn’t pick up your pitchforks and storm the border in protest (yet). According to Politico, Harper recently told TSN 1050 Radio that Obama has never failed to make good on a bet with him. A White House spokesperson also said that Obama doesn’t plan on reneging on the bet and that a case of beer is on its way, so it sounds like the situation is on the path to peaceful resolution.

(But honestly, is anyone really surprised that President Obama made a promise and has done a less-than-adequate job of keeping said promise? Just sayin’.)

[Source: Politico]

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