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Choose your own season (cont.)

Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

AJ McCarron and Alabama beat Notre Dame 42-14 to capture their second straight BCS title last season.

You are: Announcer Brent Musberger

Once again, this BCS title game has been hyped relentlessly. Alabama and Notre Dame are two of the biggest name-brand programs in college football, and the Notre Dame revenge angle is too juicy to ignore. The Fighting Irish survived a tough schedule to get to this point, and while Alabama is undefeated, this seems like a better matchup than last year. The Irish must have a chance on Jan. 6, right?

As Alabama races to a three-touchdown lead midway through the second quarter, you and Kirk Herbstreit start looking for ways to fill air time. Viewers are likely clicking away in droves. You have your "Goodbye, BCS, one more for Alabama" call ready for when the clock mercifully strikes zero. But you've got to talk about something between now and then. You motion to your spotter. Then you write the following words on a slip of paper: "Do we have a shot of Tommy Rees' girlfriend?"

Don't like this outcome? There are seven more. Head back to the first page and choose another college football adventure.

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