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Choose your own season (cont.)


Devin Gardner passed for 1,480 yards in Michigan's final five games, including 171 against Ohio State.

You are: Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner

You are flat-out tired of hearing about these guys. Since Urban Meyer arrived in Columbus, the only thing anyone has talked about is how Ohio State is going to own the Big Ten. Did everyone suddenly forget about the winningest program in college football history?

OK, so the Buckeyes did own the Big Ten last year. They are 11-0 entering Nov. 30. But that domination ends today if you and tackle Taylor Lewan and the rest of the Wolverines have anything to say about it. Sure, you're just going to have to play them again next week in the Big Ten title game if you win today. If you win, you'll sneak past Nebraska, Michigan State and Northwestern in the Legends division. What did Brady Hoke say in the locker room? What's the only thing better than beating Ohio? Beating Ohio twice.

But to beat them twice, you have to beat them once. And they're as good as advertised. That Ryan Shazier guy can flat fly, and that Noah Spence has grown into a formidable pass rusher. But your line came to play, too, and it opened holes for Fitz Toussaint and human bowling ball Derrick Green. That sets up your play-action passing game, just as offensive coordinator Al Borges hoped it would.

In fact, you've just faked a handoff to Toussaint and watched their linebackers and secondary suck in toward the line of scrimmage. Jeremy Gallon and Drew Dileo are running open toward the end zone. You're down by four points, and your defense can hold their offense for a few more minutes.

If you hit a streaking Gallon for a touchdown, click here.

If your underthrown pass gets picked off by Ohio State's Christian Bryant, click here.


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