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Choose your own season (cont.)

Photo: Steve Conner/Icon SMI

Oregon's De'Anthony Thomas rushed for 43 yards and a score in last year's overtime loss to Stanford.

You are: Oregon running back De'Anthony Thomas

Sometimes, when the world gets blurry as you rocket through a wide-open hole, your mind wanders. Should you start using lowercase letters on Twitter? Should Daisy have as many collar choices as your team has uniform options? Those holes haven't been plentiful on this Thursday night at Stanford. Just as they did last year at Autzen, the Cardinal defenders came to play on Nov. 7.

Still, you ripped off a 59-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. Later, quarterback Marcus Mariota hit Josh Huff for a 48-yard touchdown pass. The Cardinal offense has also ground out some points. When they use seven offensive linemen and six tight ends, they're difficult to stop.

It's getting late in the fourth quarter. The next score is going to win it. You're running out in front of Mariota on a quarterback draw. The play has worked, but now it's time to see if Mariota can break it for a touchdown. You see Stanford safety Devon Carrington. You flash back to the first quarter of last year's loss to Stanford. You could have blocked Carrington to spring Mariota for a touchdown. That would have won the game, probably would have won the Pac-12 and probably would have put Oregon in the BCS title game against Notre Dame. Now, you have another chance.

If you seal off Carrington and Mariota scores, click here.

If you miss Carrington and Mariota is tackled, click here.

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