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Extended Power Rankings: 26-50

College Football Power Rankings: 26-119
SI.com's Kevin Armstrong ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26<a href=Utah" title="Utah">
Last Week: 26
Utah (2-0)
27Fresno St.
Last Week: 27
28<a href=Virginia Tech" title="Virginia Tech">
Last Week: 29
29<a href=Iowa" title="Iowa">
Last Week: 30
Iowa (2-0)
30<a href=Colorado" title="Colorado">
Last Week: 32
Colorado (2-0)
31<a href=North Carolina" title="North Carolina">
Last Week: 33
Second-year Tar Heels coach Butch Davis experienced a first against McNeese State in the season opener when the game was suspended two hours and his team came out flat, blowing a 14-0 lead and needing a late rally to win 35-27. "I personally had never been through a two-hour rain delay," Davis said. "I think I did a poor job of preparing our team emotionally for it to come back out and play." Forecasts for Thursday night's game against Rutgers call for sun and clear skies. Whether Davis's young team will be ready under those conditions will be a game-time assessment.
32<a href=Tulsa" title="Tulsa">
Last Week: 34
Tulsa (2-0)
33<a href=Cincinnati" title="Cincinnati">
Last Week: 28
34Boise St.
Last Week: 36
Boise St. (1-0)
35<a href=Nebraska" title="Nebraska">
Last Week: 37
Nebraska (2-0)
36<a href=Pittsburgh" title="Pittsburgh">
Last Week: 41
37<a href=West Virginia" title="West Virginia">
Last Week: 12
With the drama of Rich Rodriguez's departure and replacement continuing to play out, Mountaineers turned their attention to the on-field passion last week. After falling behind upstart East Carolina 17-3 by halftime, first-year coach Bill Stewart noted a lack of enthusiasm among his troops. "You have to play with a passion," Stewart said. "You have to play with that old swagger." If they don't, the fans will not stop thinking about who they could have had running their program.
38<a href=Georgia Tech" title="Georgia Tech">
Last Week: 54
Last Week: 42
Rutgers (0-1)
40<a href=Florida St." title="Florida St.">
Last Week: 43
41<a href=Connecticut" title="Connecticut">
Last Week: 44
42<a href=South Carolina" title="South Carolina">
Last Week: 35
43<a href=Oklahoma St." title="Oklahoma St.">
Last Week: 45
44<a href=Maryland" title="Maryland">
Last Week: 31
Maryland (1-1)
45<a href=Oregon St." title="Oregon St.">
Last Week: 40
46Miami (Fla.)
Last Week: 47
47<a href=Vanderbilt" title="Vanderbilt">
Last Week: 69
The 'Dores, best known for football futility over the years as the SEC's doormat, have opened the season with back-to-back wins, including a 24-17 upset of South Carolina on national television. A speedy defense (mandatory for any success in the nation's toughest conference) has been a key component of the rise, but senior quarterback Chris Nickson points out another key factor for the wins. "We've got some nasty guys," Nickson told The City Paper of Nashville. "I wouldn't be surprised if it's the nastiest bunch we've ever had."
48<a href=Michigan St." title="Michigan St.">
Last Week: 48
49<a href=Southern Miss" title="Southern Miss">
Last Week: 50
50<a href=TCU" title="TCU">
Last Week: 49
TCU (2-0)

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