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NCAA: ACC can't use helmet cameras, sideline communication

NCAA: ACC can't use helmet cameras, sideline communication Photo:

The NCAA rules committee denied a request from the ACC to experiment with helmet cameras and coach-quarterback communication systems this season, according to Dennis Dodd of on Saturday.

Writes Dodd: "The rules committee turned down the conference's request in June based, in part, on the timing. The committee said the late request didn't give the committee enough time for a proper discussion."

Denzel Perryman, a linebacker from Miami, wore a helmet camera in the Hurricanes' spring game but will not be allowed during the season.

The NCAA said the conference can use biometric systems, which measure the overall health of players, specifically head contacts. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher used one of them, a Catapult biofeedback vest, last season, and he said it contributed to the team's national title. 

But the NCAA will only permit the vests as a one-way communication system.

“It's allowed [in games by the NCAA] anyway,” said Doug Rhodes, ACC coordinator of officials. “It's never been formalized. You can use it in practice all along. It's always been fuzzy about the game.”

- Chris Mascaro


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