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It's all about return on investment

It's Bitter Recriminations Tuesday in the great state of football, as the UNC fraud-and-bennies case is festooned with punishments and the snit-pitching engine gets fired up. Our quote of the day, via the Charlotte Observer:

[Former Tar Heels safety Deunta Williams] said the NCAA was out to make an example of North Carolina and that the organization ignores what happens at SEC schools. "What happened at Carolina is child's play compared to what happens at the SEC," Williams said. "The SEC pays for players. I'm not afraid to say it, but the NCAA doesn't go after them."
SEC commissioner Mike Slive may bear a strong resemblance to a Christmas elf, but before you accuse him of running a wonderland workshop of illegal benefits, Mr. Williams, consider that the 2010 season, hampered at all turns by this investigation, began with your Tar Heels losing to LSU by less than a touchdown despite playing without the services of approximately eleventeen athletes (including you). If the SEC was forking over little origami swans made of money at the same time you were accepting those free trips to California, take heart that it wasn't very good at it.

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