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Don't get fuzzy on nerd math, GT

I'm Paul Johnson, and I approved this message. And the 51 others that came with it. (Icon SMI)

Georgia Tech sent a packet of 52 letters to 2013 prospect Charles Mack, a junior safety hailing from nearby Norcross. In one day. As told to the AJC:

The younger Mack said the most letters he got from a school in one day previously was three from South Florida. The 6-1, 188-pounder has early football scholarship offers from South Florida and Navy, and will be evaluated for one from Georgia Tech at summer camp.

And while we know major programs have staffers and interns whose sole job this time of year is putting together PR blitzes like this, it's still fun to imagine Paul Johnson bedazzling envelopes and hand-embossing glittery personalized letterheads late into the night.

If this were a lesser academic institution, we could imagine this being a kind of clever ploy: "Sign with us, join our sociology department, and this is the longest printed document you'll have to read in your three-ish years here." Still, know your audience: To truly sing to the hearts of that slim but crucial geekjock demographic, Tech, you're going to want to package all future literature campaigns in multiples of 42.

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