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Code names signify awesomeness

It's important to know when there are already names for things, but where's the fun in that? We thought CBS' Brett McMurphy was joking when he dropped "Project X" on Twitter as the code name for the SEC's new television endeavor. He was not.

(What nobody's saying is where the inspiration for the name came from: Houston Nutt's ultimately fruitless plot to stash his oversigned underqualifiers in jucos around the state of Mississippi and feed them nothing but bats and rage hormones to create a more-than-alive fighting force capable of taking back the SEC West.)

As with the Longhorn Network, the gestation period for PROJECT X (it deserves all caps, don't you think?) will provide ample entertainment for offseason party games, in which viewers like you can build castles in the sky of imaginary programming blocks to fill time on a 24-hour television network. Golden Flake-sponsored cooking show, with the Yella Fella at the stove? College football's answer to The View, only watchable and starring the Three Daves? The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

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