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The day we ran out of Hawgpanky jokes

Not for sale: Bobby Petrino's neck brace. (AP)

Impersonate Bobby Petrino in ripstop nylon-festooned style with the ex-Razorbacks coach's personal fleet of golf gear, now up for auction at an Arkansas thrift store! All the fellows on the links will whisper, "Is that him?" "Yes!" you will reply, having slept in a kiln for three weeks to obtain that ruddy Petrino glow. From the Arkansas Times:

[Two] sets of golf clubs, in personalized bags, remain on offer. [...] An Atlanta Falcon jacket, from Petrino's brief run as head coach there, is also up for bid in the $15 to $20 range.
We are legitimately astounded that Petrino kept anything from his Falcons tenure and have nothing to add, so let's move on to the golf clubs: Think there's a driver in there? Because why would he want to give a driver away? Because he could've really used one! A driver, that is! There is our last remaining Bobby Petrino joke. Fin.