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SEC Media Days 2012: Les Miles doing Les Miles things

LSU's Les Miles called Twitter a "fine, pleasant pastime" during his Media Days appearance. (AP)

HOOVER, Ala. -- Les Miles, it will not surprise you to hear, opened his session onstage at SEC Media Days by talking about fast-pitch softball and other pleasures of softball. Moving on!

• On his now-famous "You're like a son. A Tiger son." ad: "The lines were narrow so that I could perform them effectively." Miles praised Mike the Tiger for "working the camera."

• On Tyrann Mathieu's highly emotive social media tendencies: "I do recognize that there's some verbal squabble, if you will, at times." Miles isn't about to ban his players from Twitter, however: "I will tell you that no game is won on the Twitter page. It's a fine, pleasant pastime, like Media Days."

• On the also pleasant pastime of playing an SEC West schedule: "We play everybody but the Green Bay Packers." No word on what Miles or the LSU administration has to fear from the Green Bay Packers.
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