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Tim Beckman doing Tim Beckman things

• Tim Beckman Item The First. In a series that should probably have its own blog, we give you the latest edition of College Football Coaches Singing At Wrigley Field. Coach, you have the floor:

His singing is not the strongest. Do not be alarmed. No coach is ever good at this. Admire instead his enthusiasm for the task.

• Tim Beckman Item The Second. With great!!! enthusiasm!!!!, take a gander at some potential future Illini getups:

Honestly? Strong choice. The rickracky stripes simultaneously lend an overall air of folksiness to the outfits sure to be popular in the Midwest, and a homespun craftiness that'll be a big hit with the trendy Etsy set. Market these jerseys as "artisanal" and watch the cash roll in in waves. You're welcome.

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