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'Bama gonna 'Bama, until it 'Bamas otherwise

A stray thought on the just-concluded 2012 college football season:

"'Bama gonna 'Bama," we said Monday night, observing how visibly Nick Saban's star players had absorbed his obsession with perfection in all things. Comparing this:

with our all-time favorite Saban anecdote, one can safely conclude it'd be difficult not to take on Sabanian characteristics as an Alabama player via osmosis, if that's how on-message he is from victory to victory and season to season. Yet even with his oft-implied conviction that maybe perfection still isn't quite good enough, the fastidious emperor of the Crimson Tide must acknowledge leaps forward in evolution as they happen:

By the time the Tide's 2013 season opener with Virginia Tech rolls around, we fully expect Alabama players to have mastered the art of showering their overlord in sports drink without a single ice chip touching his person. Ever onward.

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