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Georgia knows the way to our hearts; more Designated Reads

• Well played, Hairy Dawg. Well played. Are we tiring of this meme in record time? Yes. Did Georgia's football team have a lot of ground to make up to even come close to the greatness of swim team video? Absolutely.

Did the Dawgs earn a place in the pantheon for including a scooter in their video? You bet your sweet underbelly lying on a bag of ice in August they did. (We assume overenthusiastic Athens cops swarmed the mascot just after the camera cut off.)

• TRIAL OF THE MILLENIUM, INCOMING. Harvey Updyke's bond has been revoked; an April trial date has been set, and wherever it ends up taking place, we promise you now that we will be there covering the thing like a plucky character in a Harper Lee novel.

• Hey, neato, more subjectivity on refs' shoulders! No way this ends poorly, right?

• Coaching carousel swings ever on. The personnel bloodletting continues at Oklahoma ... Tim Hauck is in as defensive coordinator at UNLV ... and despite a headline typo, we assume this means Justin Fuente has had his contract at Memphis extended and is not just hanging onto a certain Jodie Foster DVD from Netflix for another 12 months. (We've had MOBY DICK 2010 for 19 weeks. One sympathizes.)

• Roster blotter. Arkansas defensive end Austin Flynn was arrested Tuesday for DWI, but did manage to produce the most human-looking mugshot face we've ever seen.

• Schedule matters. All your Big 12 spring football dates in one handy document, right this way.

• Misc. Spencer Hall asks the important question; namely, "If you were drafting a football team from a roster of dinosaurs, which dinosaurs would you take at each position?"
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