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Colorado plans facilities upgrades, including making stadium hold still

Anything that makes a more pleasing environment for Ralphie is OK by us. (AP) Anything that makes a more pleasing environment for Ralphie is OK by us. (AP)

For our third stadium-related post of the day (February, y'all), take a look at the $170 million plan Colorado is proposing for various athletic facilities upgrades, including several football-related moves. The projects include a new academic center located in the stadium ("away from the distractions of the Dal Ward Athletic Center," which, OK), an expansion to the Athletic Center itself, an indoor practice facility adjoining existing outdoor practice fields and in-stadium improvements. Proposed funding sources for the undertaking are also multifaceted:

CU is challenging donors to raise $50 million toward the project and will begin construction when that figure is met by donations. No tuition, student fees or state funding would be used to fund the project. It will be paid for entirely through private fundraising and money the athletic department earns through television contracts and future revenue from the Pac-12 Network.
Finally, our favorite improvement task: "Folsom Field’s east stands will be supported against the shifting ground beneath it," which sounds like a good idea.
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