Campus Union

Last stadium post of the day (probably?)

Friend of the program @TheGurglingCod poses the following thought-provoking discussion item:


Responses were many and occasionally vulgar; our favorites included:

• "'The Swamp', for reasons far too obvious." -- @RockyTopGa

• "I would be more than happy to have my cat poop in the Big House." -- @TexWestern

• "Kyle Field. Make that cat WORK to climb it." -- @gimmegrits

• "Scott Field [litter pours out both ends]." -- @CambroLiving

• "Assuming we mean college football stadiums, then: Wrigley Field, so the cats don't quite have room to poop." -- @actioncookbook

Please leave any further suggestions you might have for this important commerce matter in the comments below.
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