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Miami's NCAA case to last for entirety of recorded human history

Sebastian the Ibis emerges from a cloud of ... uncertainty? Yes, let's go with "uncertainty." (AP) Sebastian the Ibis emerges from a cloud of ... uncertainty? Yes, let's go with "uncertainty." (AP)

Y'all remember a couple weeks back, when we were all told the Miami allegations were going to be handed down just any day now, and we'd faithfully throw up a photo of Sebastian and wait? Not because we are eager to see the 'Canes punished, but because we would very much like for this whole affair to be over and done with, and in the meantime everybody likes bird mascots?

Turns out we have a lot of Sebastian photos in our files, and we may need every one of them to trace all the future developments that still have to flower before the NCAA is done with Miami, and thus with our attention to this story:

Two key dates jump out in the NCAA's planning: May 20, when responses by those named in the allegations are due, and an undetermined period in July - when the governing body for college athletics is planning to convene its Committee on Infractions. That is, "unless all parties ... agree to a shortened response time," the NCAA said. And that could happen. If not, this long saga - which most people weren't aware of until August 2011, though in actuality started nearly a year earlier - may just keep dragging along.
Have a favorite photo of America's most beloved plush ibis? Send it along. We could all use the entertainment.
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