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Recruitniks recognize the importance of fine hair

LSU signee Hayden Rettig has the elements required of a D-I quarterback: a strong arm, and striking hair. (John Albright/Icon SMI) LSU quarterback signee Hayden Rettig was sought after for his strong arm and flippy hair. (John Albright/Icon SMI)

SB Nation's ace team of recruiting analysts have compiled a helpful list of dos and dont's for elite high school athletes putting together recruiting videos. The most important item jumps out instantly:

• DON'T: Insert random photos of yourself, high school logo, or anything else in the middle of the clip.

• DO: Disregard the previous statement if you're a quarterback with great hair.

Also, in regard to the "don't" example video they provide, it's helpful if all the text you're using shows up on the screen.

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