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Mountain West promises Boise it can change

There are nine Boise State football players in this picture. Can you spot them all? (AP) There are nine Boise State football players in this picture. Can you spot them all? (AP)

Boise State and the Mountain West are trying to make it work, you might have heard, and apparently part of this rekindled relationship involves letting Boise be Boise. The Idaho Statesman got ahold of a letter in which the MWC, which previously banned the Broncos from wearing blue uniforms on their blue home field because of some bizarro belief that elite college athletes cannot see in three dimensions, defends Boise against a proposed NCAA rule change that would take that prohibition nationwide. Why?

The Mountain West required Boise State to wear a contrasting color for conference home games the past two years as part of the Broncos’ membership agreement. However, the league agreed to allow the blue uniforms beginning in 2013 as part of the school’s renewed commitment to the league.

The letter itself states that "The proposed rule is not related to any student-athlete safety concerns," a position that must be given some weight considering the Broncos' trip to East Lansing last season. The team was repeatedly victimized by Mark Dantonio's "Surly Hillocks" defensive alignment, which consists of Spartan defenders dressing in all-green uniforms and lying perfectly still on a verdant field to form tripping hazards.* The unit's top-five finish speaks for itself.

*This is not actually a thing Michigan State does, but only because Dantonio finds the practice overly slothful.
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