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We regret not staying up for Oregon State's Beaver-bronzing

Oregon State's new logo

The #ReBeaved hashtag alone should've warned us we were in for something special.

A 6:30 p.m. PST announcement doesn't exactly fit in with our writing schedule, particularly in March, but we made a mistake not staying online for Oregon State's rebranding event, especially if this is what we missed from OSU's athletic director:

Interested readers can view an extensive gallery of the Beavers' new looks here, along with a list of alterations to the Beaver brand, which include a new, rocket-looking Beaver logo and the following innovations:

Serious letters! "The block typography has been a fundamental part of OSU's athletic heritage and speaks to the no-nonsense, hard-working nature of the Oregon State athletes, coaches and fans. It is honest, strong, imposing - the perfect foundation for the future of Oregon State Athletics typography."

• Shiny things! "Metallic bronze has been introduced representing strength, integrity and inspiration."

• Plaid! "A custom tartan print has been designed to represent the Oregon State Beavers and enrich the overall identity package. The notches in the thick lines reference how beavers use their sharp front teeth to cut down trees, and the white pinstripes are comprised of the Oregon State and Beavers wordmarks."

Nike, if you love us at all, and we can tell from Oregon's frequent wardrobe changes that you do, you will give us an all-plaid Oregon State uni for the 2014 Civil War game in Corvallis.

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