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The last conference realignment news for at least a few minutes

Aren't we glad we didn't redo this graphic today? Aren't we glad we didn't redo this graphic today?

Here's a list of conference realignment moves that have been made known since we last wrote about conference realignment moves, which, for the record, was like two hours ago:

• Tulsa is joining the Big East. Not the Big East with all the basketball schools in it that's going to be called the Big East down the line. Tulsa is joining the first Big East. This is happening in 2014.

• East Carolina is joining the Big East, also not the basketball Big East -- though wouldn't it be droll if one of these teams accidentally ended up in the Catholic 7 -- and also in 2014.

• Conference USA is joining the Sun Belt. All of it. This part we made up, probably.

All this reported by college football realignment oracle Brett "Sources" McMurphy. We'll see you back here in a couple hours for the next shuffle.

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