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Washington State's Mansel Simmons hospitalized

Washington State wide receiver Mansel Simmons was reportedly hospitalized over the weekend following an alleged assault by an Idaho football player, according to the Cougars' Scout site:

Tennant said Mansel Simmons was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital, then transported to a Spokane hospital after reportedly receiving a skull fracture and concussion. [...] Tennant said WSU and Idaho football players were kicked out of a party after they began arguing. “About 20” players gathered across the street in a church parking lot, where the alleged assault took place.
For those of you not up on your Pac-12/WAC geography, Pullman and Moscow are just a short drive apart across the Washington-Idaho border, which makes for frequent interactions between the schools' respective student bodies. Our best wishes to Simmons for a rapid and complete recovery.

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