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Join the Michigan State press for a day

Mark Dantonio bids you a meticulously calibrated welcome to Spartan Stadium. (AP) Mark Dantonio bids you a meticulously calibrated welcome to Spartan Stadium. (AP)

By Holly Anderson

Michigan State's 2013 spring game kicks off this Saturday, April 20, at the Dantonian precision hour of 2:35 p.m. CT. In accordance with recent tradition in East Lansing, the Spartans are offering interested fans a chance to live the pleated-khaki life, high above the action:

For the sixth year in a row, fans will have an opportunity to purchase press box seats and enjoy the same view as the media that cover Spartan football. Only 100 press box seats – priced at $50 each – are on sale for the spring game. (Note: Minimum age requirement is 12 for press box admission.) 

A couple thoughts, after the jump:

• Including 12 year olds can only improve the level of discourse in the average press box.

• No, of course we're including ourselves in that assertion.

• We're trying to imagine how this would go with some of college football's more notoriously indecorous fanbases. Some enterprising Florida State type would find his way into the coaches' booth. We all know this.

• Now we're trying to imagine ourselves as a preteen, observing our future alma mater at work from a professional's vantage point. There is cussing. There are crossed arms. There are dour stares. So no, nothing much has changed.

Purchase your press box tickets over here. It's never too early to get your young'ns to start writing their first FIRE COACH _____ website.
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