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A 7-7 record and the Sun Bowl is all these kids will ever know

"Forward pass? With a football? Dead in ten years. I guarantee it." -- A real thing Paul Johnson said "Forward pass? With a football? Dead in 10 years. I guarantee it." -- A real thing Paul Johnson said (AP)

By Holly Anderson

The Georgia Tech partisans at From The Rumble Seat do a little pondering on the Yellow Jackets' upcoming International Football Clinic, which is something of a crash course on college football fandom for Tech's hefty population of students who hail from outside the U.S.:

With American Football hardly extending its bounds past the borders, imagine yourself going to college in India or China, and being expected to show up to, and cheer at, your school's cricket match or table tennis match. Sure, it'd be easy to do once or twice -- but without really understanding what's going on, there's no way you're going to do it habitually.
The clinic will include actual participation in drills with Yellow Jacket coaches and players, and will be followed by a barbecue. We're actually really curious to see what kind of fandom is engendered in students whose only exposure to American football has come through the lens of Paul Johnson. Will they even teach the forward pass?

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