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New college football playoff is called, well, College Football Playoff

Henceforth known as A Glass Prolate Spheroid Awarded Annually To College Football's Top Team. (Streeter Lecka) Henceforth known as A Glass Prolate Spheroid Awarded To College Football's Top Team. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

By Zac Ellis

We'll say this about conference commissioners: They get right to the point. The forthcoming four-team college football playoff in 2014 will be called the College Football Playoff, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy, who first reported the story.

The new postseason format, which will debut after the 2014 regular season, is set to replace the current BCS format. The College Football Playoff's announced name is perhaps the first disappointment in an otherwise highly anticipated development in the sport.

As one might imagine, the relative blandness of the moniker didn't sit too well with the Twitterverse. Some responses, after the jump:





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