Campus Union

'Spartans' rearranged spells RAP STANS

By Holly Anderson

NB: You probably do not want to play this video with the sound up at work, unless you work in a rap emporium.

Jay Harris, a Rivals.com three-star wide receiver committed to Michigan State, has made perhaps the offseason's most unusual LOI-related announcement, declaring his intentions to give up football in favor of nurturing his rap career. Our pals at SB Nation are asking the important question; namely, which Big Ten coach do we want to see try the same thing? (The answer, naturally, is Kirk Ferentz, because how else are they going to get him out of there?)

[UPDATE: The above Inquirer story has now been altered to indicate Harris was stripped of his scholarship when school officials learned of the video, but goes on quote both Harris saying it was his decision and an MSU spokesman calling the move a mutual arrangement.]
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