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Texas A&M fans create an impressive Kyle Field wedding cake

The 12th Man is not just loud, but it is also tasty. (OutkickTheCoverage.com) The 12th Man is not only loud, but also quite tasty. (OutkickTheCoverage.com)

By Zac Ellis

Have you ever wanted to see Texas A&M's Kyle Field modeled into a wedding cake? Of course you have. Thankfully, the wedding of Aggies fans Harv and Heather Willis featured exactly such a treat. The creation was beautiful, something to be savored in every way, and -- in an upset of sorts -- probably tasted better than any heavily favored Bryant-Denny Stadium-themed cakes.

Between this towering dessert and the mystery tomato sprouting up in Kyle Field's upper deck, A&M's stadium is making headlines for all the right reasons of late.
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