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Video: Ohio State team hugs anchor Dom Tiberi following death of his daughter

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Players and coaches are on television so often that fans can sometimes feel as if they are part of their lives. But it's easy to forget that players can feel the same way about the media members and broadcasters with whom they interact on a regular basis. Longtime Columbus television reporter Dom Tiberi lost his daughter in a car crash on Sept. 17, and Ohio State honored the WBNS-10 TV veteran with a moment of silence before the Buckeyes’ game against Florida A&M on Sept. 21.

Tiberi returned to work on Thursday, Sept. 26 and covered Ohio State’s 31-24 win over Wisconsin on Saturday. As the team exited the field, many players stopped to hug him, providing one of those moments that make people stop and think, “Hey, humanity still can be pretty great.”

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