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VIDEO: Arizona, Rich Rodriguez poke fun at NCAA 10-second proposal

Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez is one up-tempo offensive coach who wasn't thrilled by the NCAA's proposed 10-second rule, which would gives defenses allotted time to substitute players in between plays and effectively slow down hurry-up offenses. On Monday, Rodriguez and the Wildcats poked fun at the proposal by releasing a video that parodies the 1994 Keanu Reeves movie, Speed.

In the video Rodriguez -- speaking to Speed co-star Sandra Bullock on a runaway bus -- says coaches in support of the proposal are holding the game of college football hostage, which goes against what fans actually want.

"People enjoy the game" Rodriguez says. "They watch people. They want to see action. They don't want to see huddles, people holding hands and singing 'Kumbaya.'"
Bravo to Arizona for finding a fun way to get the school's message across.

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