England's Moeen Ali told not to wear wristbands supporting Gaza

England's Moeen Ali told not to wear wristbands supporting Gaza Photo:

The International Cricket Council warned England's Moeen Ali not to continue wearing wristbands supporting Gaza during the third Test against India, the BBC reports.

Ali wore wristbands reading "Free Palestine" and "Save Gaza" during the second day of competition.

The ICC explained the decision to BBC Sport.

"Moeen Ali was told by the match referee that whilst he is free to express his views on such causes away from the cricket field, he is not permitted to wear the wristbands on the field of play and warned not to wear the bands again during an international match."

Players are allowed to have messages on their clothing if it is pre-approved, but political messages are not allowed under any circumstance.

Time.com has ongoing coverage of the conflict between Israel and Hamas on the Gaza Strip.

England currently leads India in the third Test. The first Test was drawn, while India won the second Test.

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- Paul Palladino

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