Extra Mustard

The Jump Start: Tuesday, January 29

Some links to start your Tuesday ...

gmac-wave To Mane/Handout/Reuters

• Check out the wave Garrett McNamara surfed yesterday morning in Nazaré, Portgual. Nothing's official yet, but it appears the 45-year-old Hawaiian may have broken his own Guinness world record for largest wave surfed.

• The Miami Heat visited the White House, LeBron kicked it with POTUS and Chris Bosh photo-bombed the team owner.

• Manti Te'o's interview with Katie Couric gets the auto-tune treatment.

• Does it make you feel old when a Division I basketball player lists Justin Bieber as his favorite singer? (Fourth graf.)

• Lincoln Way North’s Denton Wallace drained an incredible buzzer-beater from the opponent's free throw line, giving his school a 66-63 win over Amos Alonzo Stagg High School.

• Long read of the day: Don't miss Ben McGrath's New Yorker piece on the possibilities for Formula One in the United States. If you don't have a digitial subscription, it'll be out from behind the paywall next week.
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