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Surreal, Frightening Images From Daytona International Speedway Crash

A wreck at the checkered flag of today's DRIVE4COPD 300 at Dayton sent Kyle Larson's car through the catch fence. Lawson fortunately walked away from the accident, but several spectators were injured by the debris.

  1. NASCAR posted video of the massive wreck on its official YouTube channel ...

  2. ... but tried to block this frightening user-generated video captured from the stands by a spectator (originally posted by YouTube user tyler4dx).

  3. (NASCAR later said they took down the video out of respect for the injured.)

  4. Statement from NASCAR to Y! Sports on fan video: "The fan video of the wreck on the final lap of today's NASCAR Nationwide Series race..."

  5. "...was blocked on YouTube out of respect for those injured in today's accident. Information on the status of those fans was unclear ..."

  6. "...and the decision was made to err on the side of caution with this very serious incident." -Steve Phelps, NASCAR SVP/CMO.

  7. The early reports have been grim.

  8. ESPNews sourcing law enforcement: 17 people transported to hospital following Daytona Beach race crash

  9. Halifax Medical Center spokesman says there are 12 patients here. Two in critical condition.

  10. One patient has life-threatening injuries at hospital. One patient is a minor.

  11. Photos shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the aftermath of the crash showed the extent of the damage.

  12. A long line of ambulances taking injured fans out of Daytona. http://pic.twitter.com/B7oFJPlmRx

  13. This is a tire from the crash in the stands at Daytona #Daytona #NASCAR http://pic.twitter.com/yeXNDWggop

  14. Another shot of the tire that made it into the grandstands... graphic http://pic.twitter.com/0MrDT1uoVm #Nascar

  15. Crews @disupdates repair the catch fence #nascar http://pic.twitter.com/q9241zpu6I

  16. Catchfence repair continues & will all night. #NASCAR http://pic.twitter.com/1jd3vTTfxi

  17. Pic from my cameraman buddy Craig who was shooting at flagstand. He's OK - check out cam http://pic.twitter.com/9WkLwhJqwJ

  18. Just in: New eyewitness photo of debris in stands at Daytona Beach following wreck - http://pic.twitter.com/oOoGoeSmBo via @tk1300

  19. New eyewitness photo shows damage to safety fence after Daytona Beach crash (Photo: Denise Reel) http://pic.twitter.com/HwNrqDuHmf

  20. Never want to see something like this again #Daytona #NASCAR #NationwideSeries #Nationwide #crash #fans #tire #engine #kylelarson

  21. Massive #accident in #nationwide #series #nascar race at #daytona. Hoping the #spectators that got injured will be ok. #kylelarson is very lucky to walk away from this.

  22. Dam!!! Crazy crash in front of us, hope everyone's ok. #NASCAR http://pic.twitter.com/BqJ8Cp62Jf

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