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Memphis Grizzlies Troll Blake Griffin On Official Instagram Account

It's bad enough that Blake Griffin was nonexistent in the Clippers' season-ending loss to the Grizzlies on Friday, playing just 14 minutes (while limited by an ankle injury) and scoring nine points.

But Memphis taking to its official Instagram account to troll the Clippers center only adds insult to injury.

instagram.com/thememphisgrizzlies instagram.com/thememphisgrizzlies

As a refresher, Grizzlies fans had taken to chanting "Whoop that Clip" -- a Hustle & Flow callback -- throughout Friday's clincher of an acrimonious series that included an average of 51 fouls per game and 20 technicals overall.

After two hard-fought playoff series in two years between the Grizzlies and Clippers, it's safe to say this is a legit rivalry.

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