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Brewers Reporter Sophia Minnaert Was the Latest Victim of Mischievous Baseball Gods

Being an MLB sideline reporter is rapidly becoming as perilous as being Curtis Granderson. One month after Rays reporter Kelly Nash nearly took a batting practice dinger to the head at Fenway, FSWisconsin's Sophia Minnaert was aggressively videobombed by an errant throw between innings of Saturday's Pirates-Brewers game in Milwaukee.


Minnaert was seconds away from taking a complimentary look at Milwaukee's recently stout defense when the renegade baseball, reportedly an around-the-horn misfire, remained true in its quest to topple her talkie stick. Undaunted, she retrieved the mic and went on to nail her segment about a Brewers D that would end up committing two errors in a 5-2 loss to the Bucs.

And so this Brewers season continues.

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