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Web Comedy Video Auteurs Agree: LeBron's a Flopper

Every now and then, we're faced with the phenomenon of similarly-themed productions coming out at the same time. We've seen Armageddon and Deep Impact, The Illusionist and The Prestige, and now a couple of LeBron James flopping features. Something about LeBron's performance in these playoffs has inspired the web comedy set to needle his foul-selling tendencies.

First, Cleveland comedian/actor Mike Polk Jr. parodies LeBron's flopping with a report on the man who taught him everything he knows:

And here's CunningApeProductions (on Funny or Die) highlighting LeBron's innate and pervasive flopping gift:

So, we've got a common theme, albeit with some disagreement about the origin story of our antihero. Is LeBron's flopping learned or innate? Is he a born flopper or the product of coaching? More important: Did a dog actually get kicked in that second video? Pretty sure that dog got kicked for real.
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