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Philistines on Twitter Completely Miss NFL Reporter's "Animal House" Joke

John Belushi In 'Animal House' Getty Images

As regulation of last night's Game 6 between the Spurs and the Heat was winding down, a Spurs title seemed inevitable--San Antonio had a five-point lead with 28 seconds to go, Miami fans were headed for the exits and many were anointing the Spurs as champions. Reacting to one such proclamation from TheBigLead.com editor-in-chief Jason McIntyre, NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington referenced a legendary scene fromĀ Animal House in which John Belushi's character, Bluto, refused to let his Delta fraternity accept expulsion without a fight.

darlington 5

Many of Darlington's followers didn't get it.


darlington 2

darlington 3

darlington 4

For his part, Darlington took the ribbing gracefully, re-tweeting the unenlightened and pledging to help them get up to speed:

darlington 6Suffice it to say, he was rolling.

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