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Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks

Bizarre Injury Of The Day

Lance Berkman Lance Berkman :: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Rangers DH Lance Berkman has been sidelined after falling down airplane stairs last week.

Anybody Want A Free Aaron Hernandez Tattoo?

Of course, you'll find that deal on Craigslist.

Uh, Oh

ESPN's Bill Simmons got caught in a little pickle today when he mocked Wimbledon's potential women's final.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Talita Correa :: Picdesk.com/Mandarine Talita Correa :: Picdesk.com/Mandarine

Brazilian bombshell Talita Correa gets today's LLOD honors.

How Romantic?

I don't want to be a jerk who mocks someone's wedding, and I don't want to take the easy cheap shot about people in the South who might be a tad too serious about their football. However, since these folks had a Texas A&M football-themed wedding and uploaded it to YouTube, I'm just going to present one part of it without comment.

Scaring A Co-Worker Video Of The Day

This is a one-minute montage of a guy getting the crap scared out of him at work.

Opening A Beer Video Of The Day

Why twist off the cap when you can do this?

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