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An Unstoppable Yet Elusive Bo Jackson Arrives Along with NCAA Football 14 Today


GOAT video game character Bo Jackson is back to once again trample opposing teams, though he'll no longer be doing so in his black-and-silver threads from Tecmo Super Bowl. This time around he returns to his Auburn University roots in NCAA Football 14, which hits consoles today. As part of "Ultimate Team" mode, players can form squads from more than 1,000 former college players, acquired and traded through a virtual card system. Jackson will be a freshman at Auburn and have an 85 overall rating.


You can get Bo for free if you log in to "Ultimate Team" the first week of the game's release. Otherwise, you'll need to acquire him (and the rest of your Ultimate team players) in the same way as every other dawdler: By accumulating "coins," the in-game currency that's earned by completing challenges, games, and the like, and then using them to buy player cards.

From what we can tell, Oklahoma State halfback Barry Sanders has a 94 overall rating, and Florida QB Tim Tebow will throw with a 92 overall rating. So Bo has competition.


Or does he?

Turns out EA Sports also created "Epic Bo," who touts a Bo-appropriate 99 overall rating. The nearly-invincible Bo will be randomly and rarely inserted into the player card mix, so you best start putting in for vacation time now. There're coins to be earned.


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