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NHLPA Becomes Latest Victim of the Maniacal Horde of Beliebers

Justin Bieber Performs At "Sunrise" Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Ubiquitous pop star Justin Bieber has been stirring up quite the commotion these past few months. In many cases, he's brought the controversy upon himself, getting involved in fracases with neighbors, having his pet monkey quarantined by international authorities, and leading high-speed car chases through his gated greater-LA neighborhood. Other times, he's only been partially culpable for the attention, like when he showed up to an NBA playoff game wearing lip gloss and a leather smock. And now the As Long As You Love Me muse finds himself in the news solely because he happened to be in the vicinity of the NHL Players Association's summer meetings in Chicago, where, according to Minnesota Wild center Zenon Konopka, the Biebs' legion of devoted fans made it impossible to conduct business:

It's been an arduous year for the NHLPA, who have now had to endure arguably the two most intransigent groups of people in the entire world: extremely wealthy old men and screaming tweenage girls.


Ryan Glasspiegel is Extra Mustard's resident Bieberologist.

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