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Mike Pouncey Won't Discuss His Odd "Free Hernandez" Fashion Statement

pouncy-twins Twitter :: @JazzyNice5

As we told you about last weekend, NFL centers Mike and Maurkice Pouncey celebrated their birthdays with the supremely questionable decision to wear "Free Hernandez" hats. Maurkice realized their blunder quickly and issued a well-worded apology on Twitter. Mike, on the other hand, won't even address the controversy, let alone apologize for it.

"I’m just here to focus on football,” Mike Pouncey said, via ProFootballTalk, as he was questioned several times about the hats. “It’s training camp right now, so we’re just here to focus on football.”

Declining to even provide an insincere mea culpa is a pretty curious PR move; all the Dolphins center must do in order for the media to allow him to focus on football is issue a two-sentence apology like his brother did.

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