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Ted Leonsis Is Salty About the Wizards' Spot in Grantland's NBA Team Name Rankings

Saul Loeb/AFP Saul Loeb/AFP

Get your Orville Redenbacher's ready -- we may have an old-fashioned Internet slapfight on our hands. This morning, Grantland basketball scribe Zach Lowe dropped the first post of a two-part article ranking NBA team names. When the Washington Wizards came in at no. 19 -- "It was a shaky choice for a franchise with so many patriotic and political choices at its fingertips" -- team owner Ted Leonsis took umbrage, writing on his personal blog:

And "Grantland" is better? The Sports Guy?" … The pot calling the kettle black. Just saying.

Lowe responded swiftly:

No word yet from Mikhail Prokhorov about the Brooklyn Nets earning the No. 30 spot on Lowe's list. No word expected, either. Some things can't be defended.
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