Extra Mustard

McDonald's Recreated the Classic Bird/Jordan Ad with Flacco and Kaepernick

The iconic 1993 McDonald's commercial, in which Michael Jordan and Larry Bird bet a Big Mac on who could drain the most impossible shots, always baffled me. Jordan brought the Big Mac. Even if he were characteristically certain he was going to win, why would he agree to the wager without demanding collateral from Bird in return?

In any event, the ad is back in its latest iteration with Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco (there was also a sequel that featured Mount Rushmore and a horseback Charles Barkley, as well as one in 2010 with LeBron James and Dwight Howard)--and there's a new twist: while the quarterbacks are throwing footballs for Mighty Wings, there's a Super Bowl-reminiscent power outage and someone makes off with the food.


Kaepernick points a finger at Flacco:

The plot thickens when Flacco issues an equally accusatory denial:

The groundskeeper, reporter, mascot, and cheerleader are potential suspects, but they similarly distance themselves from the theft, while acknowledging the wings' bold flavors. This could be the most significant heist mystery since the case of the missing case.