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Peyton Manning Disowns the Strain of Weed That Bears His Name

peyton manning weed

Last week we learned that there was a strain of medicinal marijuana named after Peyton Manning, and it's not really surprising to find out that the Broncos quarterback and Papa John's franchise owner/aficionado wasn't particularly uplifted or euphoric with the association.

Denver's CBS4 reports:

CBS4’s inquiry to the Broncos regarding the Peyton Manning pot was directed to one of his representatives who said the marijuana growers and sellers “don’t have his permission for using his name for commercial purposes. If they continue to do so legal action will be taken.”
CBS4's story also notes that Good Meds, the dispensary which has drawn the ire of Peyton's reps, additionally carries a variety named after Eli. The strands are relatives and, though "Peyton" is more potent, "Eli"  has probably won more Cannabis Cup titles.