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Danica Patrick Will Be Hosting the American Country Awards this Year

via FHM Magazine via FHM Magazine

Like most of mainstream America, I don't get Danica Patrick, Obviously I know she's a race car driver, I know she's been constantly marketed as a sex symbol since bursting onto the scene, I know she makes things awkward in the family living room every time a Go Daddy commercial comes on. Perhaps I'm not the target demographic, but I'm happy when anyone finds their niche.

Patrick will be hosting Fox's 4-year-old American Country Awards on December 10, where I imagine she'll be making a lot of jokes about drinking, small-towns, and her boobs. She'll be joined by singer Trace Adkins, who apparently is releasing an album of Celtic music next month, take that as you will. Basically this is another chapter of Danica Patrick's sole ownership of the highly specific and  incredibly lucrative sexy-lady-NASCAR-driver dollar, and you know what? Good for her.

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