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Comic Book Legend Todd McFarlane to Make Ridiculously Priced WWE Action Figures


Comic book legend Todd McFarlane -- one of the original founders of Image comics, creator of Spawn, and Spider-Man artist in the late 80s -- has teamed up with World Wrestling Entertainment to produce a new line of figures that will include both legends and current stars.

Dubbed "The Icon Series", the limited-edition line will debut with a figurine of the Undertaker, the WWE's longest tenured worker (by far). The figure will cost a whopping $295. Only 850 will be produced, so this series is, indeed, "limited edition". But really -- $295 for an action figure?

The WWE teased the ICON series with cryptic tweets that hinted at the Undertaker's involvement over the past few weeks, prompting fans to believe the 7 foot wrestler, who last wrestled in March at Wrestlemania, will return to the ring this month. Not quite. Though Undertaker -- undefeated at Wrestlemania with a 21-0 record -- will surely return early next year for Wrestlemania 30.

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