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Sooners Legend Billy Sims Signs Babies and Starts Cheers on SI's Tailgate Tour

Sooners legend Billy Sims is famous for putting his name on two things: barbecue restaurants (franchising) and footballs (autographing). It was inevitable, then, that Sims appear on SI's Tailgate Tour to smoke some ribs and sign some jerseys. This past weekend, the tour stopped at the TCU vs. Oklahoma, where Sims shared stories and tried to take over the Tour's luxurious RV:

[si_video id="video_BBBA91EA-CC62-2DA6-11B5-9DC5D633E504"]

Obviously Sims' cheerleading worked, as the crowd propelled OU to a 20-17 victory, making them 5-0 on the season.

Next week, the tour stops at Florida vs. LSU with BCS champion quarterback Matt Mauck and food from LSU bar The Chimes.