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805 People Set the Guinness World Record for Group Skinnydipping

Skinny-Dipping At The Woodstock Festival Barry Z Levine/Getty Images

A group of 805 nudists set out to break a Guinness World Record on Sunday, venturing out to Haulover Beach in Miami to become the largest group of skinny-dippers in documented history, besting the 729 Spaniards who previously held the title.

While this seems like it would be a pretty simple record to earn, event organizer Richard Mason said that the lead-up was "strenuous" and compared the process to "herding cats". In fact, this was the group's third attempt after failing to meet requirements in 2009 and getting postponed by stormy weather earlier this year.

The record is still pending approval from Guinness; the official paperwork includes "video footage and high-quality photographs," the latter of which seem a little excessive in this case.

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