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Derek Jeter To Start Publishing Books

Derek Jeter at the Ronald McDonald House to Benefit Children with Cancer - December 21, 2004

Looks like baseball's most mythologized player is about to start benefiting from fictitious narratives in a more tangible way:

On Thursday, he is expected to announce that he will start his own publishing division, Jeter Publishing, a partnership with Simon & Schuster. Saying he had thought a lot about his future while recovering from injuries last season, he portrayed the move as a way to explore a project that combines his interests in business and content.

“I think this sort of sets the blueprint for postcareer,” said Jeter, fresh off a plane from Tampa, Fla., and wearing a loose black blazer and jeans during an interview at his agent’s Midtown office on Wednesday afternoon. “This is a great way to start.”

Expect a big foray from Jeter Publishing into the self-help genre, what with its bogus cliches and undeserved awards.

[h/t @richarddeitsch]

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