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Reality Show Finds 1946 Browns Championship Trophy in Someone's Garage

The above Cleveland.com video shows the Browns' Manager of Alumni Relations, Tony Dick, discussing the story of how the team recently recovered the team's 1946 All-American Football Conference championship trophy. North Carolina citizen Gary Cole, the grandson of former Browns minority manager Daniel Sherby, enlisted the help of DIY Network's Garage Gold for a move. The crew found the trophy and realized its significance when they brought it to a local appraiser, who fortuitously happened to be a Cleveland native.

"To me it's pretty special that we actually have something physical that you can look at and it says we won a championship," Dick says of the trophy that is now in possession of the organization. "When you walk into the building now, you can actually see it, and I think that makes a huge difference."

[Cleveland.com via Sports Collectors Daily]

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